I'm Jo, a marketer, copywriter, author and blogger with over 20 years' experience in both creative and corporate environments. In my creative work, I'm most interested in the spaces where opposing themes collide - good and evil, love and hate, the ordinary and the extraordinary. Professionally, I like to work on projects that are purposeful and help people develop. 

After completing my BA (DA) (Hons) degree, with a focus on Creative Writing and Media Studies, I spent a year volunteering at Leeuwkop Prison, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Working with a group of talented, young offenders was a transformative experience that flows through most of my writing. During this time, I became deeply fascinated by how ordinary, intrinsically good people can turn to committing unthinkable crimes.


I began my career as a copywriter and scriptwriter, which shaped my direct, poetic style that flows off the page. I've also worked in management consulting and education, as a marketing manager and head of creative teams. I recently exchanged my successful career in marketing for an exciting role in the creative industry. I currently work part-time as an Account Director agency-side, while I tap away at my second novel and other creative projects.

I live in Hampshire with my wonderful partner, two quirky stepkids and a troop of animated soft toys.


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