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Getting it right, getting it wrong, trying again.

A little story to brighten your day...

This Time is a reminder that we can always start again in some way. We can do things differently and learn from each situation. This Time is about taking your power back and doing it your way, while keeping positive and finding laughs and adventures along the way.

May you find value in these (hopefully) inspirational stories. This is a space to share, smile, laugh, forgive and move forward.

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My Story

At 31, I realised that my life wasn't what I'd planned. My friends were all getting married and starting families, while I'd just become single and was wrapped up in my all-consuming career in a city that seemed to get the better of me. I needed a change and so I changed everything. 

I left my old life behind and started again - in a new country, with no job or home, all on my own. This time I'm doing things that make my world make sense. This time, everything is different. This time is the best time of my life.

May these (hopefully) inspirational, always real stories bring you laughs and moments that resonate. The intention of this Motivation blog is to show us how to become happy in life.